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Chris Kaminski chris at setmajer.com
Tue Jul 2 14:47:01 CDT 2002

Thus spake Kevin:

> I am looking to purchase a digital camera. My budget is around $250-300.
> Any recommendations?

Dunno about the very latest Elphs (have they updated in the last 6 mos.?),
but when I was researching them you couldn't set shutter speed, f-stop, etc.
manually; it's pretty much a point-and-shoot.

That's cool for a while, and the small size rocks, but I wanted something I
wouldn't outgrow quickly if I started using it a lot. I got an S30, which
has been great. I get to play with far more settings than I'll probably ever
understand and come up with some seriously cool 'accidents.' I don't know
what those are running now, but probably out of your price range.

Anyway, I'd argue that if you're only getting one camera and you're a
designer or some such, you might want to get a camera with a bit more
growing room.

As for the service issues, I don't know. Mine has been exemplary, and I drag
it around every day. Here's hoping I never find out....

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