[thelist] OT - Digital Camera

Shashank Tripathi sub at shanx.com
Tue Jul 2 17:13:07 CDT 2002

    | I've heard this Canon story from more than one person, I
    | would also steer clear of Canon.

Just because of the camera those "more than one" bought, which you may
or may not have a firsthand experience with, and Canon charged them
heavily for repair? Canon has never charged me outlandishly for repair,
not just of camera but anything. Here's "one" who speaks positively
about Canon, and I bet there will be more than many who think so.

Batteries? Repair? It's funny how what the camera is supposed to really
do is not even in consideration here. How about the pictures it takes
for instance? Here's a picture taken in an Indian cave, from a 6 inch
distance, almost in pitch dark because flash is not allowed inside the


Try that with one of those pocket Fujis or Sonys.

I am not familiar with S110, but Canon's Powershot G2 is *the* digi cam
to boot. Besides, Canon is a pretty respected name in circles that care
about photography...if I had a yen for all the professionals I have seen
moving from their cultish Nikons to Canons.

Canon also owns most of the lens patents so don't be surprised if your
camera manufacturer actually pays a royalty to Canon in the background.

For anyone really interested in photography, www.dpreview.com is a
pretty gratifying website but to answer the original question that set
off this thread, about sub 300$ cameras, hopefully this may help:


My 20 yen,

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