[thelist] OT - Digital Camera

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Tue Jul 2 18:02:01 CDT 2002

> but Canon's Powershot G2 is *the* digi cam
to boot. Besides, Canon is a pretty respected name in circles that care
about photography...

Far from the $300 cost target - but I'd sure put my Sony 707 up there with
the Canon G2 - both are absolutely incredible digital wonder-machines. I've
owned 5 digital cameras in the past 18 months - an HP (AA batteries - ugh -
now it lives with my mother LOL), 2 Canons - the S100 then the S300 (Digital
Elphs - give me the propritary battery over normal AA's or Recharge AA's ANY
DAY - just buy the appropriate mobile chargers and AC adaptors and you'll be
ever so much happier than using AA's) - LOVED both of them - the Sony Mavica
FD92 (this model houses BOTH floppy & memory stick, unlike the FD90, -
Sony's batteries stand up better than any competitors - and the digital zoom
is awesome) - and as of about a month ago - the Sony 707 - which is my dream
camera (the $1000 pricetag put me off for a LONG time but I now wish I
hadn't hesitated - this is an OUTSTANDING digital camera)

BTW - GREAT review website (www.dpreview.com)


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