[thelist] CSS / Form spacing in Netscape 4.7

Bill Mason evolt at accessibleinter.net
Tue Jul 2 22:43:01 CDT 2002

At 01:36 PM 07/02/2002, Jeff Marvin wrote:
>In Netscape, I am unable to get rid of the extra vertical space above and
>below the search form. As a result, it is causing the header row height to
>expand too much and break the look of the template. (I inherited the HTML
>design template, so unfortunately it is not up for refactoring into
>compliant code or redesigning to avoid problems like this.)
>Is there a way to remove this vertical space?

The only way I know of is to break the HTML by putting the FORM tags around
the TD instead of within them.

NN4 pretty much ignores/breaks the CSS that would normally be able to fix
this problem.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
evolt at accessibleinter.net

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