[thelist] In ASP, getting remaining time left in session.timeout

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Wed Jul 3 00:56:03 CDT 2002

At 09:30 PM 7/2/2002, Craig wrote:
> >
> > The session timeout is reset every time a new page is requested, so if you
> > set the session timeout to be 10mins and request the page again in 5mins
> > session 'countdown' will be reset to 10mins.
>I will be setting session.timeout on one page and trying to read the
>remaining time from another page.  It wont' be setting session.timeout every
>visit to the page.


It's important to note that the IIS server has control of the session
timer. With each page visit (within the session time frame) the session
timer is reset back to maximum by the server - and the count down starts
again. You have no control over that with the exception of changing the
timeout value or abandoning the session altogether.

Any count down timing will have to be done client side. It's a page view by
page view variable, not a length of time you can surf the web site before
your session expires.
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