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Wed Jul 3 01:22:00 CDT 2002

Howdy Burhan,

Monday, July 1, 2002, 4:29:18 PM, Burhan Khalid wrote:

> Hello All :

> I was wondering if anyone knows of other email clients (other than Moz)
> that have the following capabilities (for Windows environments) :

> *bolding text*
> _underlining text_
> /italicizing text/

> (the above using plain text not HTML)

The way I understand what plain text is, *NO* email client will let
you do those. You would need to format it in HTML or some other rich
text format.

> Threading (or conversation) feature, where it groups all the messages
> with a common topic in a tree.

The Bat!

> The ability to delete all child threads upon deleting the parent thread
> (Outlook has this feature).

The Bat!

> Has an online demo available.

No online demo, but you can download the trial version.

> Thanks again,
> Burhan

The Bat! costs $35 for the private edition, but after test driving it
for a day, I purchased a license and switched away from MS Outlook and
haven't looked back. No more security problems.

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