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There won't be a drop in spam.  Since the response rate has dropped then the
spam mailings will actually increase to make up the drop in rate.

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According to eMarketer numbers, the success rate of email ad campaigns has
fallen off dramatically, now down to about 1.8%. Relevant quote: "It turns
out that people are so bombarded and overwhelmed with e-mail advertisements
today that they simply aren't as curious about the offers as they once


I wonder if this means that finally we're going to start seeing a drop in
spam? I've never been against targeted advertising, but 99% of the email ad
campaigns strike me as being about as well targeted as a sawed-off shotgun.
When the same mailbox receives daily both penis enlargement *and* breast
enhancement ads, you realize that targeted campaigns are a mythical beast.
Internet-based advertising is no more targeted than TV or Radio
advertising. Perhaps there are targeted campaigns, but their signal is lost
in the noise. More and more consumers open their mailbox with the same
attitude: "Give me a reason *not* to delete you."

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