[thelist] The Future of Browser-Bound XML?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 3 14:24:01 CDT 2002


I think XMLs future is not *necessarily* xml -> html pages directly.
We use a lot of XML for data transfer type stuff.

For example, you might have something that generates some data. You
want that data structured and placed into a component of a page.
There are all kinds of ways you can feed XML and translate it.

For example, here we are doing something where we display a building,
for example, in 3D using VML or SVG. The DATA for that comes from a
database with the CAD information. That is pulled out, and
transferred to an XML file.

That data is pulled into a frame's html where it is manipulated by JS
libraries, which finally displays the 3D VML/SVG.

Just one of thousands of ways to use XML.


--- Joel Konkle-Parker <jjk3 at msstate.edu> wrote:
> I'm somewhat confused about the future of XML documents aimed at
> the web. The
> XML part is clear: it is used to organize, share, interpret, etc.,
> your content
> and data. But how to display it to the browser?
> There's CSS... but a page displayed solely in CSS? Not very
> feasible.
> There's XSLT... much more powerful, but it basically just converts
> your XML back
> to HTML... kind of defeats the purpose of doing away with HTML in
> the first place?
> Then there's XSLFO... but from what I've read that's more aimed at
> the printed
> word, and all the examples I've seen are diplayed as PDF files.
> So what are we supposed to use to display XML files to the web
> without first
> changing them into the HTML/CSS paradigm? Or is that how we're
> "supposed" to do it?
> Insight would be helpful.
> -joeljkp
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