[thelist] The Future of Browser-Bound XML?

Michael Mell mike at nthwave.net
Wed Jul 3 17:09:01 CDT 2002

"Means, Eric D" wrote:

> > If we agree that CSS is an adequate page layout method, can I shoot the
> > browser a style sheet and an xml file and get a well formatted page? Not
> at
> > present, not with current browsers, as far as I know.
> Er... XHTML is well-formed, valid XML.  Therefore, yes, you can.
> >From Section 1 of the document[1] you linked:
> "XHTML documents are XML conforming. As such, they are readily viewed,
> edited, and validated with standard XML tools."
> Obviously XML is a superset of XHTML, and therefore there are an infinite
> number of XML docs that would not be valid XHTML (and may not display as
> readily in a browser); however it is clearly quite possible to write a pure
> XML file which, when combined with a proper CSS file, will display as
> expected in a browser.

Well, yes, of course. Did you think I meant that XHTML is not valid xml?

The point remains that one can not send valid arbitrary xml with a style sheet
and get a useful rendering on a standard browser today.

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