[thelist] [OT] Any MS SQL7 DB pro's out there? Specifically, Linked SQL Servers?

Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov Jonathan_A_McPherson at rl.gov
Wed Jul 3 17:29:01 CDT 2002


I've worked with SQL7 linked servers... haven't had your exact problem, but
some questions/ideas follow.

(1) What is the exact query you're running to do the update? This might help
diagnose problems.

(2) What sort of linked connection are you doing -- impersonation, or a
"duplicate" account? Have you tried switching types?

(3) I assume you've already checked to ensure that the user you appear to be
on the destination server has full update permissions on the table in

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Linked SQL Servers?

I am having a problem with linked servers.  SQLSrvA is passing a SQL query
to SQLSrvB.  On other tables with the same access permissions, similar
transactions have no problems.  But on one table, I get a general error.  I
can insert into the misbehaving table, but I cannot update.

Error states "OLE/DB provider returned message: Errors occurred", and I
cannot get much more info from the SQL server.

Rather vague request, I know, but any ideas appreciated

Doug Rehg

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