[thelist] Re: thelist digest, Vol 1 #2442 - 43 msgs

Nathan Wright ominous at rmh-d.com
Wed Jul 3 19:00:01 CDT 2002

>> <form id="FormName" action="http://www.rmh-d.com" method="post"><input type="hidden"
>> value="4618317f1fa2867d08672cfed847911c" />
>id="FormName" is bad. Remove the capitalized letters and it should be
>Samir M. Nassar
>RedConcepts.NET - http://redconcepts.net


Thanks for the quick reply, but the change didn't have any effect (also, it's my understanding that
XHTML tags can't have captial letters, but values can) ... the problem isn't in the id value, but rather
seems to lie in the hidden input field. The error that the HTML validator is kicking out is:

Error: element "input" not allowed here; possible cause is an inline element containing a block-level

Any other ideas?


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