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Thu Jul 4 00:49:01 CDT 2002

Sorry, not "HOT" as in hot but as in Horribly Off Topic (soft is the ground
I tread on). But had to share this -- some interesting documentation inside
PHP code spotted on our premises.

    // If pipe found, then flush
    // If not then explode
    // If padded correctly then sleep and reloop
    // else break and echo that we r missing something
    // Time is necessary for verification, so touch.
    // If cannot touch, destroy everything including session
    // If sizeOf is too small, display message that it needs
    // to be longer (minimum len in requirements config file)
    // This means it sqrted correctly
    // If date is found then join together with second date

Is this normal?

The tip I so badly owe --

<tip type="PHP Documentation Generators" author="Shashank Tripathi">

One of the better known tools for auto-documentation of PHP code is
available from  http://www.phpdoc.de. But if you have had a taste of
JavaDoc, you should take a look at http://www.callowayprints.com/phpdoc/.
Here is an example: http://www.callowayprints.com/phpdoc/examples/. It


I contradict myself -- no actually I don't.

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