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Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Thu Jul 4 06:21:01 CDT 2002

Speaking about tips, email and evolt, I have my own little tip :-)

<tip author="Shoshannah Forbes" type="stupid mail tricks">
Evolt adds a special header to the email sent from it called X-Evolt. It
usually has a funny byline.

If you are not a digest reader, and you are using apple mail (the one
from OSX), it is easy to display it.
* Go to mail-- preferences
* Click on the "viewing" tab
* in "show header detail", choose "custom"
* type "X-Evolt" (without the quotes) and click on add

You can use the same trick to "spy" on other people to see what email
client they use:  just add X-mailer and User-Agent to the list.

If you follow bugs in bugzilla, and you get bugzilla mail, you can add
the header X-Bugzilla-Reason to see a line telling you why you are
getting each bugzilla email.

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