[thelist] Re: search for CSS-compliant, simple browser

Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Thu Jul 4 09:12:01 CDT 2002

This morning I was up early to try to download a browser. Selected Opera from the browsers at evolt, worked out how to get FTP client to
download it, downloaded it (one hour). Installed it. Yikes!

So I'm back to using Netscape Navigator 4.0... Opera displays practically all sites with wrappings that make them almost unreadable.
Perhaps if I spent another hour reading the Opera-related instructions, I might be able to, say, see the normal grid of tv listings at Gist, or
see the list (with columns) of my e-mail. Guess if I'm going to put another hour into that chore?

I hope this is giving some insight to folks on this list who wish the Netscape Navigator version 4.0 browser would go away. I have an
ancient CD, which makes it quick and easy to install that browser. When I install it, I know how to use it. Doesn't require huge amounts of
customization. Renders normal sites (to read e-mail on Web-based, host-provided client; look up tv listings; etc.) normally.

If a new browser wants to take over, its first job is to get smaller. Second, make the home page less intimidating the first time someone
arrives there -- I don't want to spend time learning all your new features before I can get to my own work. Third, make the initial or interface
look familiar; offer me information about your wonderful advanced features at another time (perhaps e-mail me a link to a tuturial I can view
at my leisure)!

Cheers --
Carol Stein
techwatcher at accesswriters.com

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