[thelist] PDF without Acrobat?

Max Wyss max at prodok.com
Thu Jul 4 13:04:01 CDT 2002

What they are using here is the Adobe Document Server, a server
application which was kind of (actually, very much kind of) marketed
a few years ago.

What happens is that the PDF document is interpreted, and a JPEG
image is created on-the-fly. In addition to that JPEG, active
elements, such as links are created and added.

The example mentioned here makes extremely little use of the Document
Server features, and must be considered a way how to NOT use this
product (a fascinating use of this product is IMHO on the website of
John Warnock's newer company, Octavo (http://www.octavo.com), where
very high-resolution PDFs of old rare books are displayed, giving the
possibility to zoom in).

So, depending on how well the Document Server is set up, the results
are satisfactory or not so much...

Considering the advantages of the imaging capabilities, directly
viewing a PDF is far superior to the Document Server approach. The
Document Server is not available as product per se anymore, but you
still can somehow licence it for integration.

Hope, this can help.

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>I came across this page and found it's source to be interesting:
>Is this an actual pdf document? If so it certainly makes downloading of the
>viewer redundant.

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