[thelist] using mySQL with JSP/Tomcat

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 5 11:56:01 CDT 2002

--- Hassan Schroeder <hassan at webtuitive.com> wrote:
> There's a GUI console available, but I've never used Access or
> SQLServer so I don't know how 'in lines' it is :-)

Well I found and downloaded some GUI which doesn't seem to do
anything...asks me to login and says my login is wrong (using the
login I set for mySQL)..

> > 2) Has anyone ever installed mySQL to use with Tomcat? So far all
> I
> > see is how to set it up as a "standalone server" but I don't get
> > that.
> Yes; I may be misunderstanding your real question, but "using MySQL
> with Tomcat" just means accessing the DB using JDBC statements in
> your JSP. If that's unclear or you'd like a short example, holler.

an example would be great. I have installed the
mm.mysql-2.0.4.-bin.jar into my tomcat directory, and tomcat is

I just am not sure how to get started mainly - my SQL seems to be

Also, in the instructions there are all these directions to do shell
commands like:

shell> scripts/mysql_install_db

I assumed that meant go into the CMD and do shell> etc, but thats not
it. Just curious then what a shell command is. Appears I don't need
it since mySQL seems to be running...


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