[thelist] OT: Recommended E-commerce software

John Corry webshot at members.evolt.org
Fri Jul 5 15:06:21 CDT 2002

> Are there any suggestions for a fairly inexpensive e-commerce
> software package for building fully functional shopping
> carts. I have found a few but wanted some opinions of what's
> being used among web designers, particularly designer's in a
> home business.

I'm a web designer/developer with fairly novice PHP skills.

I am currently using phpShop (http://www.phpshop.org). I am building my
first phpShop site now, and am thrilled with how easy it is to modify
the scripts to get the thing to look the way I want. All of the base
functionality is there already, and I've yet to find a 'functional'
thing I would want to change.

Note: the link on their site 'documentation' doesn't actually have
documentation, there are 2 pretty helpful articeles available about
installing and configurign phpShop listed on their site's 'links' page.

good luck,
John Corry
Neon Cowboy Design
mail : john at neoncowboy.com
phone : 808.572.8494

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