[thelist] using mySQL with JSP/Tomcat

Gary Bland Gary at star-chaser.com
Fri Jul 5 17:11:01 CDT 2002

  Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:
>> I don't imagine there are many folks out there today, but I'll fire
>> this up anyway.
>> I wanted to write a little appliation to use on my machine in JSP. I
>> have Jakarta/Tomcat installed and running fine. I just downloaded
>> mySQL but have no experience with it whatsoever.
>> I've taken a cursory look through the docs, and I had a couple of
>> questions someone might be able to clear up:
>> 1) Is there a graphical interface for mySQL in lines with what you
>> would see when you use Access or even SQLServer?

Look in the bin folder inside your mysql folder and you will find two
gui interfaces. wnmysqladmin is the better one of the two. If you want a
full blown interface download mysqlfront from the mysql site.


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