[thelist] banding in jpegs using mozilla in 16 bit display

Dmytro Borovsky thelist at web-artel.net
Fri Jul 5 17:32:01 CDT 2002

> <http://perlucida.com>
> You'll see I've place a jpeg in the bottom left of the
> viewport. This is a greyscale jpeg of a telegraph pole.
> Everything looks fine in Mozilla1.0 IE5.2 and Opera5 on OS X
> at millions of colours, but at thousands (65000 odd colours?)
> mozilla1 has banding in the grey trunk area of the telegraph pole.

In high colour (65,536 colours) mode only every 256th tint can be
displayed, so you have such "steps" on your image. I opened the page in
IE6/Mozilla 1.0 on Windows and saw no difference between both. IE as
well as Mozilla displays the image in several gray strips.

(Maybe IE/Mac has a built-in differing in high colour mode?)

Best regards.

Dmytro Borovsky.

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