[thelist] Site Check : http://www.rapidfiregames.com

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Sat Jul 6 05:57:00 CDT 2002

Burhan Khalid wrote:

 > Just wanting to get a prelimenary site check for
 > http://www.rapidfiregames.com on Linux and Macintosh. Checked on IE
 > and Moz on PC with no visible glitches.

General appearance:
   It certainly looks quite good in Moz1.1a/Linux at 1171x950[0].  This
   doesn't: "Best viewed at 1024 x 768 with IE 5.5 or higher", but I'm
   sure you're smart enough to remove that eventually.

   The font looks rather small in Opera5/Linux, especially because it
   appears as Times New Roman.

   It looks pretty good in Konqueror, but not as good as in Moz.

   A shot of how it looks in Dillo would probably cause you to collapse
   in horror.

   The dark grey text on a dark grey background for your "submit" button
   may be a *little* bit hard to read for some people :-).

   ALT text, FFS!  Careful, or I'll add you to the list of people who
   should be forced to use naught but Lynx for a month[1].

   The links on the right-hand side (the long ones with huge underlines)
   could be rather difficult to read for some people, especially if the
   font-size is too small.

   Apart from the right-hand side's links, there's no way to distinguish
   links from normal text.  Bad!

[0] Note that I've got Mozilla set with a minimum font-size of 12px and
     I've forced it to use Helvetica in all circumstances.

[1] No, that's not a "punishment" thing.  I use Lynx a lot - and enjoy
     it.  Rather, it's a "learning experience"-type thing.  Find out what
     those of us who use a "real" browser have to go through whenever
     someone forgets we exist :-).


Mark Gallagher

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