[thelist] PHP and problem validating XHTML strict page

Nathan Wright ominous at rmh-d.com
Sat Jul 6 12:24:00 CDT 2002

>Form element may contain ONLY block-level elements (such
as h*, p, div) except the form element itself, and script
>So the problem is not because of id absence, or case, or
anything else.
>It's only because the input (inline-level element) is not
contained directly in the form element.
><tip type="Form Syntax" author="Dmytro Borovsky">
>A form element can contain only block-level elements.
>Any inline-level elements must be included into a block-level
>(Example: input is included into div:
><div><input /></div>


So if I read your tip correctly, the proper format of a form
containing an inline element (like the <input /> tag) must
include a <div> as a block level "wrapper" of sorts. As in:

		<input />

Do I understand you correctly? I've attempted this (along with
Ed's suggestion), and it seems to work ... sort of. Because I
am not the one adding the input tag to the form (in fact, PHP
is auto-generating this tag entirely absent of my assistence), I
am unable to control the placement of this tag inside the
HTML ... and therefore I cannot wrap it in a <div> the way it
so desperately needs to be. Is there a way to turn this
"feature" in PHP off, or am I stuck with non-validating forms?


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