[thelist] Re: link targets in xhtml strict

Tim Luoma luomat at peak.org
Sat Jul 6 18:47:01 CDT 2002

shane - iordy.com wrote:

>Someone asked how you are supposed to specify a target under xhtml-strict when the target attribute has been depreciated?
>I had to say I have no idea and thus I ask for your wisdom on the matter.
Well basically, you aren't... You can use XHTML-Transitional

If you want to manipulate windows, etc then you hav to use JavaScript.

Opening windows is the subject of much debate.  I will assume that you
are aware of them.  There are some times when I need to use target
(namely with sidebars/panels for Mozilla/Opera), and therefore use
XHTML-loose.  Actually I use strict and make sure the code is
XHTML-Strict valid, then I go back and add the target stuff.

I'm fully expecting that someone will write a DTD for XHTML1.1 that adds
the target back in ;-)


ps - if you are not familiar with the problems, references:


are just two

<tip type="XHTML" author="Tim Luoma http://www.tntluoma.com/">
XHTML-strict has removed 'target'.  When working on a page where all of the
links should open in new windows, one can code the page in XHTML-strict
the target attribute, make sure that it validates, and then change the
to XHTML-transitional and add <base target="_blank" /> at the top of the
document.  Then if the page needs to be changed to XHTML-strict later
on, it's a
simple matter of changing one line and the DOCTYPE.

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