[thelist] Amazon security

Scott Wickham nylscottw at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 6 23:45:08 CDT 2002

its an inherantly "secure" system.

Lets say for example you go to your mothers computer and
use 1 click. She will not get robbed. You will send
something to her and only her. If she didn't want it worse
case is she ships it back.

But if they allow to easy change address then it becomes
easy to steal.

Best case theif would be in an office situation. You know
someone who gets stuff delivered to the office. Sit at
their workstation order and pick it up before the victim
see it. It's a variant of the wait in front of a college
dorm for delivery and take whatever arrives.

But either of these cases is in person thieft so very few
people would do it.

--- PeterV <peter at poorbuthappy.com> wrote:
> Here's a question: how come I can order a book with
> oneclick at Amazon, and
> then when I want to see where my shipments are (in the
> same session) I need
> to provide a password. I'm just curious how they deal
> with the security of
> one-click. Is the added risk worth the increase in sales?
> Peter
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