[thelist] ftp problems- can't get file list on a Mac

Kathy Long kathy at site-etc.com
Sun Jul 7 12:27:00 CDT 2002

>> I'm at my wits end and am ready to throw in the towel with this Mac. Any
>> ideas? I will be eternally grateful.

> Are they both connecting with 'passive' mode?  I've noticed
> problems connecting to some FTP servers via PASV mode - switching
> it off normally improves the situation.

I've tried both. Active or Passive makes no difference. Neither does
software. This is a Mac problem. I understand that OSX made a correction for
this problem, but I need to be sure that Mac OS9 clients can connect.

> Some linux hosts are switching over from ftp to
> the secure version and this causes fetch problems, typically appearing to
> login OK, but then spending forever seemingly doing nothing until an error is
> returned.

I am the host and have complete control over this server and configurations.
We do not require secure login, but that is not a bad idea. Maybe we'll go
that route, however, for now, that is not my problem.

I have found very little about this on the Web, so it is rare, but I do know
that I am not alone. I'm stumped because we are using the same ftp program
that we had on our other server where I have no problems.

I have tried every possible type of setting on the client side, so what I
think I may need is some kind of configuration on the server side to get
around this glitch. And a big glitch it is. Lately I've been going down all
day, every day. I suspect the least little bit of traffic will bring it down
because I get access in the evening. However, my sys admin assures me
traffic is not the issue.

Your comments are much appreciated.


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