[thelist] Throwing books

Jack Schonchin schonchin at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 7 16:20:00 CDT 2002

I was dismayed while browsing a (major chain)
bookstore this weekend. I found 1998/99 HTML books
teaching tables for layout, only 1 DHTML and 1 XML
book, and no books about web accessibility. (However,
there were numerous books about Flash.) A university
bookstore I visited last week was just as bad.

 My original introduction to web design was from one
of those 'Learn HTML in a Week' books. If new
designers get their first taste of coding today from
books that teach outdated techniques, it's no wonder
standards are shirked. As soon as new designers get
up-to-speed they realize they're behind the curve.

 I'm new to the list, so I hope this is proper. I'm
interested in hearing your recommendations for current
books that teach proper HTML/CSS (accessible) coding.

 I have a couple (new) student interns who have a
smattering of novice HTML skills. I cannot hold their
hand, but they are bright and ambitious enough that I
can throw a book at them to begin their reformation.
Which book should I throw?

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