[thelist] Throwing books

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sun Jul 7 16:31:01 CDT 2002

>  I have a couple (new) student interns who have a
> smattering of novice HTML skills. I cannot hold their
> hand, but they are bright and ambitious enough that I
> can throw a book at them to begin their reformation.
> Which book should I throw?

My first thought is, throw the web at them. You're much more likely to find
up-to-date info.

http://websitetips.com has online and book recommendations throughout. If
Shirley recommends a book, it's probably the best (she does a bit of
technical editing and knows whereof she speaks.)

Also, a search for 'book' and/or 'review' at evolt.org turns up a few
interesting articles. These reviews usually address usability and similar

Finally, see the WaSP (http://webstandards.org) and particularly the
'Resources' section (not surprisingly, managed in part by Shirley:

If you can get the dynamism of the web and get your info from the horse's
mouth, you should be able to give your interns some pretty good info.

Thanks, by the way, for being concerned about the 'next generation' of web
folks. In my classes at work, I'm trying to address usability,
accessibility, and best practices, rather than 'just writing code.'


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