[thelist] replacing whacks in PHP

Gary Bland Gary at star-chaser.com
Sun Jul 7 17:48:01 CDT 2002

Joel Canfield wrote:
>><url: http://php.net/strip%20slashes>
>><url: http://php.net/stripslashes>
>>With or without spaces works...what were you searching for?
> Well, without knowing in advance what the function is called, I was
> searching for the words 'replace', 'escape', 'unescape' and various other
> terms I'm familiar with from JavaScript, VBScript, and HTML encoding stuff.
> But, yeah, if I search for 'strip' and 'slash' it comes right back ;)
> joel

type http://php.net/slash in the url window and you will find
addslashes. You can do it with any function.


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