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Scott Wickham nylscottw at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 8 00:55:01 CDT 2002


<a href="issue.cfm/issID/3308" title="Buy Black Panther,
Vol. 2 #47"><img src="images/th1_64143.jpg" width="100"
alt="Black Panther, Vol. 2 #47" border="0"></a>

Your image tags of the comics has width but not height, add
height to speed page layout.


2) Since you are asking for people money you should have
address and phone number on bottom of home page. At the
very least it should be on the contact us page. There is
nothing to convince me that this site is real.

3) http://www.comicsetc.com/issue.cfm/issID/3300
it say the comic price (but doesn't list cover price
is this above of below) if below it should feature savings
to encourage the buyer save with them.

4)  http://www.comicsetc.com/register.cfm
It says "Misc. Information" should be labled what it
actually is. Opt out email list.

5) http://www.comicsetc.com/register.cfm
should allow me to create an account with email alone.
What if I am not ready to buy yet. You should at least
take my email so you can write me later.

6) http://www.comicsetc.com/register.cfm
there should be a box that allows me to click if shipping
address is same as billing address

7) http://www.comicsetc.com/register.cfm
It allowed me to register with different names for billing
and shipping. System should allow this but.. it should at
least give a warning that they are not the same. You can
use that to get relationship between biller and shipper.
And you should have different email for both. So for
example is father is billing then updates should be able to
send to his son.

8) http://www.comicsetc.com/issue.cfm/issID/3308
Quantity defaults to "0" it shoudl default to "1"

9) http://www.comicsetc.com/issue.cfm/issID/3308
why is "1" the maximum quantity allowed ?

10) can the "buy now" add it to the cart automatically
the extra page downloaded is a waste of users time.

11) worse part there is no way for me to put in recuring
purchases which is the key to profitablility in the
professional comic market. I.E. I want Iron Man,
Xmen,Spiderman. They should appear in my shopping cart

:::: sorry if I sound to negaitve, its a beatiful site, it
pretty and clean, but only a masacist would use it. Way to
many clicks to get anything done. And there is no value
The site owners say they are experts in comic collecting
but they offer nothing to make it easier to collect.

"Lower prices mean you can read and collect more comic
books once again! In addition to offering hard-to-find,
exclusive and limited edition comic books, we offer the
most secure and convenient online ordering for our

No where in the site are the lower prices featured and

Why aren't the hard to find/limited editions on the home
page if its your speciality.

Convenient we already covered how that isn't true.

If these guys are serious and are for the serious
collectors. first they need to put their names on the site.
Second they have to offer what other people don't (btw
there was mention of ebay merchandise, I saw no links to
the ebay mechandice) such as something simple like email us
your list of monthly comic purchases and we will set you up
with monthly delivery in bagged and with backing. Give me a
reason to wait a week for my comics instead of my local

--- Nicholas Bourgeois <nick at infinitevoid.com> wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I was wondering if you guys could provide a review/check
> for a site I just
> finished:
> http://www.comicsetc.com
> It's an online comic book store with standard eCommerce
> functionality.
> Browser checks on other OS's would be great.  Also, is
> there anything I
> could enhance graphically or usability-wise on the site?
> What's missing?
> What doesn't work?  You get the idea.
> Thanks in advance!
> Nick
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