[thelist] JS Popup Window Titlebar customization.

Jeff Wilhelm jeffwilhelm2 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 09:49:01 CDT 2002

You could try cookies being written by javascript, but if cookies are turned
off that won't work. is there any way in javascript to read the entire query
string, including any vars that are passed? Is parseQuery() a javascript
function? If so try using that, then you won't need to use any server-side


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> This is a good idea, thanks.  I would like to not have to create a unique
> html page for each pdf (there will be hundreds) but can not think of a way
> to pass the filename as a variable, as Jeff suggested, without using
> side scripting... this project has to work on a CD as well as a webserver.
> Pretty much, I only have flash, html and jscript to work with.  But as I'm
> writing this, I'm thinking that I may be able to use cookies to pass the
> name of the pdf... I'm going to look into this - if anyone has any more
> suggestions towards that solution, please hit me!
> Thanks so much for the reply.
> bread_man
> > Could you emded the PDF in an HTML page, and give that page a <title> ?
> >
> > Olly.
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