[thelist] Domain Name Registrar?

Tamara Nelson tamara at sanctusmoo.com
Tue Jul 9 09:50:01 CDT 2002


They were a great help when I transferred a domain to them from NetSol.

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> Who does everybody use for domain names now?  I've been using Dotster, but
> some of their policy changes of late have been...grating on me. (I don't
> want auto-renewal, leave me alone!)
> I've been looking at PairNIC.com and Joker.com.  Does anybody have any
> experience with them? (Joker.com seems reeeeeally slow.)
> I'm more concerned about quality and speed of service than I am about
> price.  If they have a system like Dotster has where I can modify contact
> info, Name Server addresses, etc. quickly, that would be great.
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