[thelist] Yahoo Store Design resources?

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Tue Jul 9 18:17:01 CDT 2002

kevin -

i was put in charge of dealing with our online store presence aka: the
yahoo store debacle.

they use a proprietary coding format called rtml for the markup along with
some obviously less that intuitive editing features. i thought that taking
over the design and implementation of our store presence would just be
something new to learn, but found it to be extraordinarily frustrating and
a timesuck when weighed next to my other responsibilities.

after breaking down and calling the yahoo store tech support, i came to
find that there literally is /no/ real documentation provided aside from
what is vaguely communicated while in the online editor. my jaw dropped at
this and promptly went on to rationalize the use of a vendor who
specializes in dealing with this. i'd be glad to pass the recommendation
on to you and anyone else off-list if you'd like so as to avoid name

i still wish they would at least provide some kind of developer help but
have yet to see anything.

good luck,

// matt

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Kevin wrote:

> Hello,
> A client of ours would like us to design a yahoo store based on an already
> existing design. I fished around for some resources at Yahoo and outside for
> some information, however nothing has been really useful.
> Anyone know of any good places to start?
> thanks.
> --Kevin
> lists at irubin.com

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