[thelist] Re: IE and Standards Compliance (was: Re: news.com article on browsers and mainstream sites etc..)

Steve Lewis slewis at macrovista.net
Tue Jul 9 18:29:01 CDT 2002

James Aylard wrote:

>     Again, I'm avoiding the anti-Microsoft stuff. It's obviously a passion
> with you, and a winding path to nowhere as a discussion topic, IMO.

>     Incidentally, you don't have to use IE to close Windows security holes
> colors the effect may be difficult to see, but IE does produce a
>     This is correct. IE has supported <q> for markup purposes since IE 4/Win

Did I miss something or did you avoid everthing what was NOT anti-Microsoft?

You have my support though, this is a winding path to nowhere.

<tip author="Steve Lewis" topic="Use the tools you are given.">
When your language makes available to you a variable which you expect to
always have the same value, always code with the variable anyway.  When
you least expect it, the value may change and the time you save will be
your own.

I got a call this afternoon from my project manager who wanted me to get
  our CMS to work with an iframed inside of a Flash-based site template.
  I was startled at how easy it was because of our liberal use of
#cgi.script_name# and it's kin. [ColdFusion]

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