[thelist] Security on the web - am I paranoid?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 9 18:47:06 CDT 2002

Question for those of you who put family photos on the web.

I am and have been very reluctant to do so on my own site. I do use
imagestation.com, but I send invites to those people who I want to
see the pix.

I am concerned about putting up pix of my 2 daughters on my site.
There are a lot of predators out there and so on, but I'm wondering
if I am a bit too paranoid.

What do you all think? I notice some of you have lots of pix up. Did
it concern you? I don't publish my address on my site, but I imagine
someone could find it if they wanted to..


<tip type="javascript switch case" author="pixelmech">
I LOVE switch case. Its clean, its neat - its fat free. If you are in
the habit of using lots of if/else clauses - get yourself acquainted
with switch case.

To me, its a great way to branch off into multiple decisions, to me
its the best way - maybe even for only 2 or 3 decisions. The code IS
very clean to read, and intuitive, plus you can pass it a string or a
integer to your hearts desire.


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