[thelist] Security on the web - am I paranoid?

Steve Lewis slewis at macrovista.net
Tue Jul 9 19:23:01 CDT 2002

Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

> I am and have been very reluctant to do so on my own site. I do use
> imagestation.com, but I send invites to those people who I want to
> see the pix.

By and large, simply withholding text will insulate you from the dangers
of publishing photos on the web.

My prefered solution is to put photos in a genericaly named directory
with a very very crude index file.  No text alt tags, no caption, no
nothing.  Even better if this web directory is insulated from any other
web content you produce (a different domain is best).  Be careful to
never link to the directory on the web, and email the directory URI as

Finally, be sure to dispose of the content.  After 3 month eliminate
that directory and the images in it.  If you want to post new pics, do
so in a different place.

The REAL danger to you and your family is text.  You should be more
concerned about email from people "out of nowhere" or publishing your
resume, public chat rooms, etc.

This is how most kids get in trouble with predators, this is now most
everyone who has a problem with a predator gets into trouble.

I have some experience in this topic, but this is non-professional
advice.  Professional advice would be to unplug your computer and move
next door to some penguins. :)


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