[thelist] How to estimate a job

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Wed Jul 10 12:41:01 CDT 2002

I have a potential client who wants a custom-made app built.  He says he
requires a fixed price for the whole job.  I can do the programming, but I
am a bit befuddled as to how to do the estimating.  I have never been any
good at estimating times.  I think I actually stopped trying after I read
_The Mythical Man Month_. :)

Anyhow, does anyone have any good advice?  The client has provided a fairly
detailed project description which he calls "preliminary specs for the
project."  I can certainly take a guess as to what it will take me, but I
also sort of expect the client to have additions and modifications etc. etc.
as soon as he sees an alpha version.

Any thoughts are appreciated.  I'm guessing the project is no more than a
month's work, but I also think I can charge a higher rate for those hours
than usual.  Thus he's sort of a big fish (for me that is) and I would like
to hook him.  I just need to find the right size hook. ;)


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