[thelist] Re: Background Music

nagrom morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jul 10 22:33:01 CDT 2002

>>>>Ken wrote:
> >You mentioned you want fully cross-browser, plugin-free pages. I don't
> >you'll achieve that (sorry), but flash is pretty universal at this point.
> >It's on something like +90% of all computers (AFAIK). Should be good
> >enough...

>>>>Benjamin wrote:
> I beg to differ (ok, not beg.. I flat out disagree). I know of entire
> corporations/agencies that
> do not have flash installed on their machines. Case in point was when I
> worked for the gov't,
> we didn't install flash as it wasn't needed. Less apps == less support
> after all. I personally
> don't due to all of the annoying "next-gen" banner ads that have become so
> commonplace.
> I couldn't even load my last employers site for 2 months since it was done
> entirely in flash.

umm, it sounds like you're part of that 10% without flash.
if not hearing the background music for the site we're talking
about here is going to ruin your whole experience, then you should
go ahead and install the plug-in.

> Wav files are supported by all the major browsers and as far as I can
> remember the
> stop/cancel button will cease any background sound if controls are absent.

wav files don't play natively on Macs, which represent another small
significant portion
of the community. mac visitors will be so pleased to be downloading a huge
wav file in the background for no reason at all.

so in this case, i'd have to disagree. a flash movie really is
probably the best all around solution, especially for something as
critical as background music for the home page.

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