[thelist] one more "vkit" plug for those who missed it

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 11 11:17:02 CDT 2002

Hey All,

In case you've missed the absolute flurry of activity, a new thriving
group has been started based on a discussion that happened here
merely two days ago. The group is working on building some kind of
"kit" or "resource" that will help people just like you go into your
bosses office and make a strong business case for standards compliant

Its been crazy, we have a domain name already, people doing some
coding, lots of volunteers and tons of ideas, and its looking like
its passed the idea stage and now into the real beginning stages of a
working idea. There are currently 59 members already in less than 2
days, many from this list, but many from others. So if you know of
people, or of other lists, let them know!

Here is the statement on the yahoo! groups site - and the link to go

This group is based on a small thread started on evolt.org which was
in turn inspired from the article "Sites bow to Microsoft's browser
king" on News.com, on July 8th 2002.

The idea spawned from the end of Tara Cleveland’s post:

“I think someone should make a kit for designers and developers to
give to their bosses. A kit that has all the arguments, studies, as
much info as possible, for valid code, from a financial as well as
"it's good for the future of the web" perspective aimed at company
owners, managers, clients etc.”

However, no such “kit” exists. The purpose of the group is to see if
some kind of "kit" can be put together - that will validate the use
of standards compliant code while showing all the benefits that such
authoring offers to clients, partners and business owners everywhere.

We are hoping that some of the leaders of the web community will step
forward to help. If we don’t gain some kind of “heavyweight” support,
it will be very difficult to realize the goal. Whether that means as
much as taking the lead, or as little as contributing text, code or
ideas, we need them.

The proposed paper would help the lone individual(s) who are faced
with stepping into a (bosses || clients || business owners) office
trying to quantify the reasons for writing good code that works in as
many browsers (if not all) as possible. And of course, the better
that code is written on the web in general, the better it will be for
everyone involved.

The goal is to actually author the White Paper and to have it widely
available across the web. Any success of it will depend on the
willingness of many of you to give your personal time and effort.
However, the benefits of such a paper should be well worth the

Consider this group Step 1; a fact-finding mission and discussion.


<tip type="yahoo groups" author="pixelmech">
If you need to do something quick, a small project or get people
together for an issue, maybe the simplest and easiest things in the
world to do is use yahoo groups. It contains a calendar, you can
upload files and theres even a database you can make tables in! You
can do polls and send messages - best, you can make it invite only
and only invite the members of your team as you choose.

That way, you don't have to buy anything, don't have to build
anything and you can kill it when your done.


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