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Thu Jul 11 16:40:01 CDT 2002

>From paragraph 4 of "Coming soon to your cable box" at the top of the home

"The wireless chip maker Magis Networks is focused on this vision. The
company's Air5 chip set enables the simultaneous transmission of video,
data, and audio content over 802.11. In April, the San Diego-based startup
raised a $40 million second round from investors including AOL Time Warner,
Motorola, and Vulcan Ventures, Paul Allen's VC firm. AOL Time Warner and
Charter Communications (where Mr. Allen is chairman) serve more than a
quarter of U.S. cable subscribers. Motorola, the world's leading provider of
set-top boxes, plans to develop a system using Magis's chip set."

Broadband wireless access is the next step on the web. We've got widespread
(althought not ubiquitous) broadband wired access, enabling heavier content.
Wireless fundamentally changes home networking, besides the whole wireless
entertainment center concept.

<tip type="learning PHP, for VBScript users" author="spinhead">
Need to translate your VBScript/ASP skills to a non-Microsoft environment?
The jump from VBScript to PHP may be smaller than you think. Using
fundamentally the same concepts, you can pick up the necessary syntax from
PHP.net and, for database stuff, MySQL.com. Both sites feature searchable
online manuals.

In addition, PHP multi-level escape mechanism, familiar to Unix users,
allows greater flexibility in embedding variables in text strings.


Joel D Canfield
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