[thelist] Perl Form to PHP Form

Shashank Tripathi admin at shanx.com
Fri Jul 12 11:06:11 CDT 2002



    | the link is
    | http://www.punterspower.co.uk/cgi-bin/whois.pl
    | just the domain.co.uk is all I want :(

    | A user goes to
    | http://www.punterspower.co.uk/cgi-bin/whois.html     | and
    | types in a domain. A list is returned, listing either
    ....snippetty snip snip.....

So, Andrew, if this is what you want, you could try this.

1. Let us say I try to check for the domain "shanx". Your whois.pl gives
me this result:

    shanx.com Taken
    shanx.co.uk Available Order Now
    shanx.biz Available Order Now
    shanx.info Available Order Now

2. The "Order Now" links are like this:


3. You should change your whois.pl program to draw the link as follows:


    (Notice the "url=" after the order1.php)

4. Once that is done, in your order1.php, just check for the value of
"url", e.g.,

	echo "$url";

If for some reason, you cannot change your whois.pl, then order1.php
should be as follows:

    // Get only the part AFTER the question mark
    $alliwantis = substr(stristr($REQUEST_URI, "?"), 1);
    echo $alliwantis;

Hope this is useful.


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