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Mike Carlson domitianx at domitianx.com
Wed Jul 17 14:19:00 CDT 2002

You will probably actually save performance by using the includes. Once the
server grabs it, it will use the cached version until it is changed. Once you
modify the file the server will pull it from the disk again.

I use includes extensively and I have never really noticed any performance
issues. Some of my pages have 6 or 7 include files in them depending on what
I am trying to accomplish on the page.


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	One of my asp pages is timing out everytime someone hits it, so I'm
	to break up the processing across a couple of pages.  I'm looking at
	print out of this page and it's just over 7 pages long, but the first
	pages are nothing but Dim's and Request.Form's.  I'm going to need
	same dims and request.forms on each of the pages that I break off of
	main one, so I was considering just putting them all into a seperate
	all to themselves and then using #include file.

	My question is, what kind of impact do includes have on load time.
Do they
	slow page loading any, and if so is it a noticable slowdown?


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