[thelist] ? on an asp error

jvf1000 jvf1000 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 19 10:48:10 CDT 2002

Question on the asp error Jeremy has been receiving...  I took a look at
the source code, I am no expert at this but perhaps some of you heavy
asp heads could tell me.

Is it necessary to have a "client hit" processing pages in between pages
one and four? Perhaps that would help in the debugging, if you just had
a couple active page include(s), at the top of your display page (number
4) that took care of all the functionality of pages 2 and 3.

Something else that could help would be to output all your variables
that you are passing via form, from the last page at the top of the
next. That way you can know exactly what your code has to deal with.

Joshua Frankamp
Web Programmer
joshua.frankamp at teenmania.org

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