[thelist] ASP: residual database files Follow Up

Mike Carlson domitianx at domitianx.com
Fri Jul 19 13:38:00 CDT 2002

.lbd files are not log files. They are "lock" files. It tells the database
who has what records open at what time. This is so a person cannot update the
same record at the exact same moment in time. You cannot turn it off if you
are sharing the database to more than one user, which you are on the web. Its
one of the downsides of using Access. MS SQL does not use a lock file. Its
all handled internally by the engine.

Here is the lowdown on .ldb files:



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	They are database log files created by the M$ system you are using.

	There are settings on Access and M$ SQL Server to disable the
creation of
	log files, if you want to disable them. Make sure you keep back-ups!


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