[thelist] ASP: residual database files

Mike Carlson domitianx at domitianx.com
Fri Jul 19 13:41:01 CDT 2002

If you delete the .ldb file you will not affect the data in the database, you
may cause an error to pop up or you may allow someone to update a record that
someone else has locked at that moment in time, but the database will be

Its not like they are magical, mystical files, they just hold who has what
records locked at any given time.


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	once i access (just about) any page on a site i'm working on i notice
	that there are files with the extension .ldb lying around.

	i think it's like a temp file or something, but they don't go away. i
	looked through the code and thought that it might be because i am not
	closing a connection to the db, but it looks like everything is being

	am i not looking hard enough, or is it something else?

	They are database log files created by the M$ system you are using.
One a DB
	has a log another does not get created for it. Can you remove them?
	extreme caution, making sure that the DB is not in use at the moment.
If it
	is you will suffer some untold horror. :^]


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