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paul morgan paul.morgan at fortune-cookie.com
Mon Jul 22 05:00:01 CDT 2002

Have you tried Php?
Most ISP's that offer *nix and Apache will have this as one of their
default scripting languages. XSLT in Php has come in leaps and bounds
and there are a number of articles on the web that can also give you a
good grounding:


The first two have a number of articles that are not solely focused on
XSLT, rather you can, if you want parse the XML using triggers and
therefore present the information depending upon conditions you set in
the code. The last link is from the Php home site and contains the
actual functions you can use along with a lot of helpful points in the
user notes.... read the user notes, especially if you're getting stuck  :)

You could also try:
http://www.phpbuilder.com  (use the search in particular)
http://www.zend.com  - again, have a look over the tutorials and
articles under the 'Community' section. Some of them are a bit old but
the basic premise is still the same. IF you still get stuck drop a
question into the php general group, most ppl will help you out there:


ta ta

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>I've asked this question once before, but I didn't really get an
>answer that helped me. Right now my site (http://www.ballsome.com) is
>written in XML, transformed client-side with XSLT into XHTML/CSS.
>Needless to say, that severely restricts our browser potential, and
>causes all kinds of other compatibility problems and such.
>So what I need is some kind of solution that can apply the
>transformation on the fly as the requests are received, then send
>them to the client. My hosting service uses Apache on a UNIX system.
>Does anyone have any (easy-to-understand) advice for this? I've tried
>Saxon, but it looks like that's a windows program only. I've also
>looked at Xalan, but it looks like that needs server-side java,
>something my host doesn't have.
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