[thelist] Older browsers for use on WinXP

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at cph.org
Mon Jul 22 12:11:01 CDT 2002

> Which versions of Netscape and IE can you safely use
> on XP?

You can run any installation of Netscape. IE6 is installed by default, and
I'm not sure you can downgrade to 4 or 5. Might be worth checking out at
MSDN, though.

> I'd like to do some browser compliance testing for my
> website, how far back do you guys recommend I go,
> since webstandards seem to go back to compliance on
> the 4.x level?

Bottom line, it should be readable on:


It should be tested in all these browsers on every available Windows
platform as well as all MacOSs you can get your hands on, and of course *nix
as well.

It should degrade well enough that Lynx and other text-browsers can handle
it without problem. It should also read well in screen readers such as Jaws.

You cannot install multiple versions of IE within the same operating system.
You can, however, install everything else listed above.

To accomplish multiple versions of IE, you have to either get VMWare
(www.vmware.com), which allows you to run "virtual PCs", or install multiple
partitions on your hard drive with a different version of windows on each.
Not fair, is it?

Isn't testing FUN? :)


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