[thelist] Re: Older browsers for use on WinXP

Tim Luoma luomat at peak.org
Mon Jul 22 12:19:01 CDT 2002

Nick Dakwick wrote:
> Which versions of Netscape and IE can you safely use
> on XP?

I have NN 4.08 and 4.79 installed

> How does one install an older version of IE alongside
> IE6 or is it impossible?

You can only have one IE installed at a time without partitions, or dual
boot or something like VMWare

There was a page somewhere on microsoft.com about uninstalling IE6 under
XP to install a previous version, but I haven't tried it and would only
test it on a machine that I didn't have to use daily, just in case it
mucked up and needed a reinstall.

> I'd like to do some browser compliance testing for my
> website, how far back do you guys recommend I go,
> since webstandards seem to go back to compliance on
> the 4.x level?

I check with the latest non-beta versions of Opera, Netscape, IE, and

Having someone who has IE5.0 or 5.5 can be handy because there are some
gotchas there.

If you want to worry about older browsers:
NN 4.79
NN 4.08 (last version that didn't come with all the 'cruft' that a lot
of folks didn't like)

If you are looking to develop with CSS, I highly recommend TopStyle
(www.bradsoft.com) as it will flag potential problems in many browsers
and even on different OSes


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