[thelist] FW: Re:Older browsers for use on WinXP

Andy Avgousti andy at mellowbeats.com
Mon Jul 22 14:26:01 CDT 2002

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Hi Nick

It is not possible to install two versions of Internet Explorer in
Windows XP. Also, I have yet to find a way of removing IE6 from XP
(there were no support notes on this on Microsoft.com last I looked,
although it is possible on Windows 2000). There are three options as far
as I can see:

1)       Buy another PC and install Windows 98 on it - then use IE 5 on
2)       Set up a dual boot on your existing PC between Win98 and XP.
The best way to do this is to install Win98 first, then XP - there is
plenty of info about this on the net.
3)       Have a look at VirtualPC  by Connectix - this allows you to
install many different operating systems within your single computer,
simply by opening up each one in a new window on your desktop. It's very
clever, but very processor hungry and it's the only program that's ever
crashed XP for me!

At the moment I am running both Netscape 4.7 and Netscape 6.23 without a
problem in XP, as well as Opera 6, and running IE5 on my spare PC.

I recommend validating all your pages to current W3C standards. As N4
still holds around 5% market share, I also feel it is important to
consider it in all your designs, and make sure your page looks as good
as possible in it. Sometimes you may want to consider a second style
sheet just for N4, but I would definitely avoid 'fudging' your actual
page code for the sake of older browsers as you never know what new
browsers will make of sloppy code!

Hope that helps a bit



Nick Darwick wrote:

Which versions of Netscape and IE can you safely use
on XP?

How does one install an older version of IE alongside
IE6 or is it impossible?

I'd like to do some browser compliance testing for my
website, how far back do you guys recommend I go,
since webstandards seem to go back to compliance on
the 4.x level?


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