[thelist] Customer received product and is disputing payment

s t e f notabene at members.evolt.org
Mon Jul 22 16:49:02 CDT 2002

<who="Chris Ditty" when="16:35 22/07/02 -0400">
>My question is this, what can I do to make sure that he doesn't just take my
>product and run?  I am planning on calling him tonight when I get in and
>touching base with him on this.  I hope that this is some type of
>misunderstanding, but I serious doubt it.  When I go to his site, it is now up
>for sale.  I think he probably just decided to close down before he went live
>and wanted to cut his loses.
>Should I call him?  If I do, should I record it?  What actions can I take?

Mmmh, recording is not an option in my country (France again). Here it's
considered illegal, since it tackles on the other part's privacy.

Anyway there's something called copyright. If you can prove your work
existed before the other and if you can show it's the same code line for
line, you're on to win a trial. I'd wave this kind of scary thought before
my "client's" eyes, if I were you. Copyright infringement is punishable
almost everywhere, isn't it? Especially since you can prove he contracted
with you and then rertacted his payment.

My 2 cents FWIW...

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