[thelist] web site maintenance woes

Peter Duchateau peter at duo.be
Tue Jul 23 07:39:01 CDT 2002

I'm also interested in that content management system.

on 23-07-2002 14:32, Miriam at miriam at members.evolt.org wrote:

>> at www.anguillaguide.com - we use an open-source based content
>> management system to allow non-tech users to add and edit, we have a
>> permissions system that controls access to the parts they are allowed to
>> edit, and the tag language is simple to learn. All they really need is
>> the ability to add an image, designate a header 1, header 2, bold and
>> add an email address or link.
>> Images are handled by the code so they don't have to know how to resize,
>> ftp, or do thumbnails.
>> There's also a WYSIWYG client which makes adding information as easy as
>> using a word processor.
>> If you need more information send me an email,
> Ooooh I'm putting together the intranet and am going to be facing the same
> issues. Actually, I'd like to get them maintaining content on the real site,
> too. Can you give me more information about what you're using? That sounds
> delightful ---
> thanks in advance!
> Miriam
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