[thelist] Using php/mysql to retrieve URL's

Trev trevuk at lycos.co.uk
Tue Jul 23 08:14:05 CDT 2002

Hi I'm a newbie with php/mysql, so I appologise if this has been asked
before, but I'm having big trouble trying to get a php script to retrieve
url's from a MySQL DB as my ISP won't allow images to be stored as BLOB data
on there MySQL server.

So I'm trying to get a script to retrieve a URL to the image path by using
the id of the URL in my DB, this get's around my ISP's limitations on the
use of there MySQL server and stops people leeching etc, so I can generate a
link from the DB, if anyone can give me a point in the right direction that
would be great, as it's driving me mad.

Thanks for any help ;)

Trev Pearson.

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